Things are a lot better now. I have resolved a few of the issues I had with my family. Mostly because I decided to be the bigger person and understand the family’s perspective, I don’t have to be ‘right’, I can set my pride aside and seek a resolution instead. 

Also graduation is this Saturday!!! I still have three finals, two on Monday, and my last final on Wednesday night. OMG OMG OMG. My time at Berkeley has come to an end. Commencement is Saturday! I know its cheesy but time definitely flew by. Although it still hasn’t completely hit me that I’m graduation. I think its because I’m still studying and have finals this week lol.

But I’m also really happy because my love is flying here on Thursday! I haven’t seen him since the end of January! He is coming for my graduation, and I can’t wait!!!!!!  My gorgeous and handsome bby, I fuckin love him so much, I’ve missed him and its been far too long. We facetime almost everyday, call each other every single day, or at the very least chat for less than an hour a day because his schedule is far too busy some days of the week. But its nothing compared to laying down next to person you love, embracing each other, and falling asleep peacefully together. I just miss the little things that I’ve come to love about him. I’m so happy he’s coming. 

But Im also looking forward to having my family here for graduation Saturday! 🙂 After all the years of hard work, and pain, and drama, and sacrifice the day has come. Berkeley was great, I am so fortunate to have been able to study here. 

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