I have lived with chronic pain most of my life due to back pain. But just in the last 2 months this pain has been savage and on a pain scale 20 so I have cried and yelled and stomped and just at my wits end. Thank god for a outstanding awesome sweet husband that understands what pain is and has walked in the same shoes more then once. I have a really high tolerance for pain but this is beyond tolerance. I am trying to write my feeling’s and get it out of my head to see if it helps with anything to pertain to my pain. Went to my doc and there is a plan in effect just waiting to see if some of the plan works for the pain. Its a awful thing when you can’t stand and walk without awful pain. I hate depending on anyone but my husband say’s sometime in life you just need to grin and bare it and accept peoples help. Just need to keep things positive and hope this will get resolved soon. I am not a cry baby and always have been tough with pain but I guess sometime you just have to let it go and it does make you feel better with emotions. Anybody out there with physical pain and may need some company just give a shout out and let me know maybe we can help each other get though this thing called pain.

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  1. God bless your heart, dear girl. I had severe back pain when I had a broken vertebrae which went undiagnosed til years later. Back pain is horrible. That healed and if I don’t lift too much or use my arms too much, I have no pain.
    But if I use muscles my mid-lower back hurts unbearably; BUT if I just lie down a couple of minutes or even sit, the pain goes completely away. It is almost like a cramp. Lying on my back on the carpeted floor helps most. Just something you might try. It is so hard to get pain pills from doctors anymore. It’s a shame. I will pray for you, “Sprout22’s Mama” —- you deserve better. I pray that doctors find the perfect solution or that God Himself just sovereignly touches you. Try to have hope, dear one.

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