day 225 and 226

We had the Ship safety test/exam yesterday. The professor is so amazing he actually told us what the questions are going to be on monday and we only had to learn those things. I only studied like twenty minutes, but only because the subject matter is so extremely logical that anyone with common sense could pass the exam. We mostly learn about fire safety, with an emphasis on fire safety on ships.

There were ten questions, or more like ten topics and you had to write everything you knew about the topic (for example: fire triangle, fire plan, fixed firefighting systems…). It took some time to write down all the answers and my hand hurt from writing so much. I filled three and a half pages, a lot more than I do when writing an essay about a book.

We got the results in a couple of hours and I scored a 10, which is the best possible grade. Another great thing that came out of this test is that by passing it I have passed the class as well and will not have to take an exam during the exam season. It feels great, already passing one subject. Now, I have one less thing to worry about.

My parents came to pick me up in the afternoon and we went back home. I have an eye doctor’s appointment on wednesday morning so I had to go home.

Eurovision 2019 started yesterday evening. I have a long history of watching the show and buying the official CD. This year, I will buy the tenth one even though I never listen to them. I am making sort of a collection with the CDs. Who knows, maybe one day I will sell them all for an insanely large ammount of money. I also do not like most of the music preformed on Eurovision. Every year, the music is worse than a year before and the winners are normally the ones I like the least, but for some reason I remain an avid watcher of the show. This year in particular the music is awful. I only like one song, and the song is from (surprisingly) from my country. I never like my country’s song, but then again, I usually like other songs, which has not happened this year.

So, the first semi final was yesterday and my country qualified for the final on saturday. I expected it, I guess everyone expected it because they are very high on the betting pools, but they had to make us all nervous by announcing the the last. I am looking forward to saturday’s final. I hope our song does well.



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