The more you know about love, the harder it is to find.  Or could it be that,  youth is wasted on the wrong people?  The truth of the matter is, As we grow older, we become wiser.  Our perception changes.  Even our taste changes.

But what is it that makes divorce and remarriage such a challenge?  Memories of the past, fear of making the same mistakes, living with regrets and “what if’s”?  So many things that can be crippling to your future.

You have to decide if the risk is worth taking.  And there is always a risk.  It didn’t bother us so much at 18, after all we had a lifetime to correct course and reach happily ever after.  We just didn’t realize how that shipwrecked relationship was going to effect us.

And so it goes.  Fight, flight, or freeze.  Our automatic defense mechanism kicks in and prevents us from finding true love and living our dreams.  So while our synapse misfire and send us false signals, we miss out on the very thing we need the most.  Dare to pursue your dreams.   

3 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. Love is a funny thing; it can be so many different things. I feel like my filters keep me from love. Do I deserve less? Why does my heart need someone so specific? I feel like I’m only supposed to live a life where I watch others fall in and out of love.

  2. Felicious, some times we are our own worst enemy. You don’t deserve less and I don’t think there is anything wrong with you knowing you need someone so specific. Too many settle for someone less and they are miserable. And falling in and out of love is no fun. But neither is being alone.

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