Good Night

Dear Journal,

I really am tired now. Last night I was not able to sleep well because I was thinking of the injustice done to me by Ms. H. She rated ExGC highly and me just below him even if i accomplished more than him.She is just bias, she likes him so gave him high rating and she hates me so she gave me low rating. She said she already had a notice of admission to a university within the country. It’s better if she studies because she will not be in the department being uncooperative and making my life difficult. Still I do not comment or like ExGC’s post. He is always on drama and asking to be noticed based on the tone of his writings in the social media. 

Good News: Somebody I love received a career blessing. I hope it will be a blessing and not negative. I need to wake up very early tomorrow to travel so I have to sleep early too. I still have not finished making my exam questions in my physics class.

It will be a long travel tomorrow. Hopefully I can see my highschool best friend and we click again. We had not talked to each other after we met during their board exam in Chem eng. 

Dear journal I feel relieved now after writing in this diary.

This afternoon while I was riding the tricycle. The owner of my boarding house happen to be at the back of the tricycle and i did not recognize him. I just realized later it was him and it was awkward. I do not like to sit next to someone i know in a public transportation unless if i am comfortable with the person. It was not good riding the public transpo with a married man whom i know. 

Dear Journal I hope I can wake up and travel early tomorrow.I’ll be travelling 3 hours. So tired.It’s also finals week and deadlines are near. I feel so tired and unable to relax. THank God I am sane even if my work is heavy.  

Today I was not able to ride a van to the capital. I wasted 2 hours in the terminal.  Anyway life has its twists and turns, and delays. Good Night I gotta sleep 

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