May 15 wed.

9.40am Heard something at the back of the house. By the time I get there he will be gone. Doors too noisy. 

10am more noises. 

Tt a friend, jh, I know  has been victimized, she’s coughing a lot. She has COPD, and I have seen the marks on her neck in the past indicating she was choked. I mentioned that again today, she seemed more willing to receive it. She doesn’t sound as foggy as before. She asked me why didn’t I tell her then, but then I didn’t know what was going on. Hopefully she will keep watch on herself. I know he has video and photos of her too, she’s one of his victims. I told him about her sugar being out of control and I was worried, this was about 3-4 years ago. He said I did that. Not believing him I said stop it she’s my friend and I love her. He said ok and not long after that her sugar levels normalized. My friend Marcia had a sudden onset of diabetes around the same time, just makes me wonder. I showed jh photos of my neck so she could know what to look for. 

Spoke with a sex trafficking rescue and talked about the drugs, they explained there’s so many things that can’t be tested or just are not tested. I couldn’t figure how I could feel so high yet nothing showed in the forensic testing. And of course topping it with concussion and choking, I was a mess. Choking-that is as frightening as the blunt force head trauma. It explains a lot. He could so easily kill me and make it appear natural. I wish that were his goal honestly. It’s exhausting and I feel so helpless. Something tells me he won’t, at least until I’m a little older. 


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