New Abortion Laws in Alabama

Whether you are pro life and against abortion’s or you are against whatever. You should know that this new law in Alabama is SO bad. It’s the worst thing this state could do for the women. I say this because they don’t even realize that women are going to go to extreme measures to make sure that if they were raped, having a baby when they didn’t want to, whatever it may be, etc. These women are going to start putting their own lives on the line just so they can do what they should be allowed to do for whatever the circumstance may be. 

Women are just pushed aside like little children and we never get to say what we want to say about these things and whether they “hear us out” or not, our words are never taken into consideration. We are told that we are women and women don’t know what they are talking about or that we are lying about things so that we can get our way. NO! We are telling you these things because we think a lot more rationally than some people do. And the fact that 25 men are the ones that decided against abortion at any state of the pregnancy just shows that this world is f***ed up… 

One thought on “New Abortion Laws in Alabama”

  1. Yeah its rough, I think of jury of my peers in a court trial. These old white men cannot be considered peers except for that group. Who would be against the group at least including the same # of women as the population, or a black man on trial? The system is so broken, but they created the 2 party system to keep it that way. We need a third party to shake it up.

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