terrible realizations

So, a couple months ago I had started seeing this friend of mine. And at the time I wasnt working full time because I was staying with aunt while waiting for my place to be ready, and Im just going to say it straight up shes the plug. I know he didnt like me staying there for that reason. However, I had to. I digress this is not my realization. My realization is, I would get so angry I wouldnt get as much attention as I would give, because you know people work. Today, I had to kindly bitch someone out, I literally sent them my clocked work hours ( I use an online program that tracks active work hours ). 

I was like I have literally been working 14&half hours straight, I dont hate you, Im not ignoring you, Im not being mean, IM BUSY!! And now Im like wow, wow, you stupid little girl, you got mad at someone for the same reason because you took them being busy as something personal, when I now know, its 100% not that. Because I love this person to death, and I do feel bad how busy Ive been, but I do not have time to sit around and talk on the phone, or go out. Im busy, I need to get shit done!

I guess better late then never.

Im trying not to be bitter about the late realization, but damn. I guess I need to just consider this growth, dont focus on the past. People get busy, its not personal, its called having a career.

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