The Only Me

I cant be what everybody wants me to be. I cannot change myself for anyone. I am me because thats who I am. And if you cant accept that; why bother being my friend and pretend you support me when you actually don’t? Your just wasting my time of trusting you.

I could never be friends with someone who doesnt support me with what I do with my life.

I feel so betrayed; disappointed; stressed out; and neglected because of what you put me through.

The things that you told me about being trusted; I couldn’t believe in you anymore.

I can only be me; and not anyone else…just me.

I’ve tried to be someone other than myself; but being another person; that’s not what being yourself is all about. 

A person should like you for being you; and not pretend to be someone or something you’re not.

I can never be two different people

That’s not me…

It’s what Ive been telling everyone – don’t let anyone change who you are. Inside and out. Only you can be you.

Your life depends on you. Knowing who your real friends are; your family and other relatives that’s kinda like family.

There’ll always be a part of me that I know more of what I found out when I first decided to become a writer.

Change people’s lives. Help them with their relationships; situations that could not be solved on their own.

All I know is that I could change someone’s life in the blink of an eye.

There is a part of me that I will always love about writing for the future and for myself – I get to be me and only me.

I can’t be two places at once.

Don’t change yourself for anyone. Cause in the end; its the only that’s going to help you figure out who you are; and what you accomplish to be. Now and in the future. Only you can see your life the way you see it. Not anybody.

That’s all I’ve got to say…

Until next time…


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