Updating my journal

Dear Diary,

I am not planning on doing too much today. Of course there’s morning devotional, and a few chores to take care of but after that there is really nothing to do. So…I have decided to update my journal.

Later on in the week…Thursday actually…I’ll get back on my schoolwork. I just took a huge break because I have been stressed and overwhelmed and didn’t think it would be good for my studies. I mean I already have memory loss and stuff from ptsd…

Anyway, I think it would be really awesome to finally condense it all onto just one page. I started on this site when I was still being held captive in Arizona, but had to stop writing and delete my account when the people that were holding me almost found out that I was journaling online. After that I created another account, but also felt as if that one might be compromised too. Then I created a blog, but stopped writing shortly after that was discovered by my captors. Everything is under different names and on different sites, but still important memories that I need to keep. So yeah, all of that stuff is going on here so that I can delete those additional accounts and focus just on this one. It will definitely give me piece of mind. 😇 ttyl

P.s. I will also be updating my profile and profile pic, so if you are looking for me things may not look the same but I am still here and under the same name! Just time for a new look. 😌😘

2 thoughts on “Updating my journal”

  1. Wow. Amazing writing. So this blog. What is it? Can I see? I’ve always wanted to have or start my own blog. Do you know how I can create my own website? I’d appreciate it if you help me. Thanks.

  2. @Nancy Thank you for your compliments. You are too kind! Really! Unfortunately, my blog isn’t really much…just a handful of unpublished drafts that I wrote in a time of desperation. As far as blogging goes its a fairly easy setup…much like this site this. It just takes a daily time commitment and lots of patience. And you can blog about anything under the sun. Blogger was the site that I used but other good sites I have tried are wix. Com and was WordPress. Com. They will have you have you up and running in a snap!

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