airport .

Sitting at the airport as I type this.

My love’s plane was delayed and he’s going to get here by 9PM instead of 3PM. I was eager waiting for him, but its ok. As long as he gets here safely. 

My last final was last night, and it was extremely difficult, but doable. As soon as I got home I knocked out. I didn’t even have the strength to change into pajamas or anything. I had woken up at 5AM and started studying by 9AM until 6:30 PM because the final was to take place at 8PM. I was exhausted. Thank goodness it’s all over now. Graduation is Saturday!!! OMG it has finally hit me! 🙂 I’m sooo excited. My friend Elke and her sister stayed over my place last night but they left early this morning because she has a final today and the sister left to meet her friends. I wish her good luck! 🙂 

My parens are flying in tomorrow as well (its a 2 hour flight from Colorado but still) its nice to have everyone I love around me for once lol. ***Not counting my wonderful friends who I consider to be family as well. But I miss my mom and dad is all I mean. My parents are staying with me in my apartment since it has two bedrooms, but that means my fiancé is going to sleep in the couch lol. Just out of respect since we aren’t married yet. I feel a little bad because he’s tired for a 10+ hour flight just to have to spend the night on a couch. I would force him to sleep in the bed and I would take the couch , but knowing Ayato very well he’s going to refuse me no matter how many times I offer. 

I have a lot of free time today, so I don’t know what to do with it. I’m sitting here in the airport, on my mac . . . I have a huge gap now because of the plane delay. And I had plans too. I was going to take him to eat at one of his favorite places in the city, and then go for a walk on the golden gate bridge that would have been nearby. 

Perhaps I should cook something nice for him? I was thinking of soup, salad, chicken, …something hearty. coq au vin? Or maybe something a little more down to earth that is delicious too like pizza? Idk … I wonder what he’d like .. something light to eat? something filling? Usually when I get off a 10+ hour flight, I’m hungry and will eat anything or too fatigued to eat anything too heavy. Well I guess I should just ask him when he lands. God I’ve missed him so much. I just don’t want to be apart that long ever again. Its so hard. 

My plans after graduation are to go home to Colorado and spend some quality time with my parents. Spend as much time with my mom and dad as possible. Continue to plan the wedding, which is only a few months away. I also have to move out of my apartment, but I have a 1-year lease even though I only lived there for 6 months. I was going to continue to live there for a bit because my internship was a summer internship. But, I have humbly rescinded my internship offer because I’m getting married this summer. It was something I never expected when I originally accepted, so I do hope the person who is offered the internship in my place the best of luck! 

Its only the middle of May and its surreal how many things have happened this year already. I’m graduating. I’m getting married. I’m moving to a new country! I’m learning a new language! My dad’s health is back to normal after surgeries! My mom is retiring at the end of the year! My friends are getting engaged as well. Also some bad things have happened like the assault incident that occurred. Having to deal with the BS high school drama of the engineering department. Having a close friend betray my trust etc. But, I did learn a lot from those lessons, so I do appreciate it as well. 

I guess I should go home and make lunch and wait out until its time to come pick my baby up. 🙂 

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