They say an ex is an ex for a reason but some just can’t take the hint. There’s only one ex I have any communication with and that’s my kids father. Honestly I’m sick of dealing with him lately even though we have kids together he’s the type that didn’t grow up or mature. I was young and dumb when we got together bc if I could I would never have been with him. But enough about my ex he isn’t the reason I’m writing this, my man’s ex is why. 

The other day he was at his step dad’s garage working on his truck. Turns out his ex showed up (apparently invitited over by his mom) and their pfa was finally over with so she wanted to talk about their son. Which they did and made plans about visitation. He thought it was done and over with (talking to her that day) until she came back to the garage trashed. She started chasing him around the garage as he was working on the truck. Telling him she was sorry for everything that she still in love with him and asked if he could forgive her and give her another chance. Then she tried to grab on him and tried to get him to have sex with her. She knows damn well he’s with me and he doesn’t want anything to do with her. He said he ignored her and kept working that the other guys would stand by that too. She got mad because of it and finally went back to the house. So he seen the opportunity to clean up and leave so he did. He called me when he left and told me all about it, we keep things 100 with each other. I trust him. I didn’t know  how to talk to him about how I was feeling but I finally did yesterday and more so today. I feel like extremely hurt and disrespected over what she did, then to know more than likely she was there because his mom invited her. I feel like it’s a set up to make us fight and to break us up. Which is messed up because I treat him better than anyone else has ever had including his mother. I’ve never been anything but respectful and kind to her so I don’t get why she would be doing this. She tells me that I’m too good for him and that if he leaves me again he will dig his own grave but then this happened. She’s been hanging out a lot with his ex even without his son around so it’s not because of him. The only things that she could possibly have an issue with is our age difference because I’m 6 1/2 yrs older. 

I feel so overwhelmed and hurt to the point I want shut down emotionally and isolate myself from everything and everyone. Feeling that way scares the shit out of me because I been doing so well with my anxiety and depression that I don’t want to fall into my old ways over this drama. I have so much I been dealing with here at home, with my kids and family and now I have to add all of this on top. Idk if i can handle it and right now I’m not. All I wanna do is stay in bed and cry, to the point I’ve barely ate in 3 days. That’s no way to live and I can’t live that way. So I have to turn the other cheek on this and be the bigger person which is easier said than done to say the least. 

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