Been a min…

Well look at me, slacking off. I’ve been meaning to get an entry in but I’ve either been unmotivated or busy. Or just couldn’t find the words….

Just a few more days until summer break! I’m so ready. Today, tomorrow, then a nice 3 day vacay. Then tues, 1/2 day with students on wed then a 3 hour day on thursday. i can do it! 

I decided I’m going to put the kids into a week of camp at the rec center toward then end of June. it will give me a break from them and allow me to get my own Dr. apts and such knocked out without having to worry about dragging them along. 

I still haven’t decided what I’m doing with my son as far as soccer. He tried out for the club near the house and made the academy team, but its SO expensive. And TIME consuming. I’m thinking I may just put him back in Recreational. I know he loves soccer, but I’m hoping that maybe if we do the shorter rec season vs the nearly year round academy, that he might try something else for a time. 

Plus, the poor girls never get to do anything because we’re always so busy with soccer!

MB is good–I guess. lol. I haven’t seen him at all this week. My own doing really. Omg, he made the STUPIDEST comment Sunday night. He says he didn’t mean it the way it came out…He said “If we were in a real relationship”

I’m sorry? We’re not in a REAL relationship!? I hadn’t realized we were playing pretend here. 

He says he meant in that “we aren’t married”

I was so hurt and irritated. He tried to make it up. After a few HOURS I finally cooled off about it, but I thought after that maybe we just needed some space from each other. All week he’s griped about it. That he misses me so much, and so on and so forth. So last night we made plans to get together on Sat afternoon. 

Then today, he calls and tells me his son said he didn’t want to so…

I’m sorry, who is the parent here? 

I get a little frustrated with that whole situation. 

Work has been….a party. Lol. PTA and parents and various other community groups have been flooding us with coffee and donuts and lunches and goodies and OMG! I’m going to be 700 lbs by the time the school year wraps. They are going to have to roll me out the front door to my car on the last day. Yesterday was catered Tacos and nachos. Today was a coffee and donut truck…Everyday it’s something different…or multiple somethings different. 

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