Doing Well, Feeling Great!

Today I’m feeling great. I know the grades I got in four of my exams so far: 9, 9, 8 and 7, all out of 10. The only one that remains unknown is Neurosciences I, and the teacher is supposed to give us the results tomorrow. Now I’m starting to work on the graded assignments I have to hand in in the next few weeks, but I’m taking my time with that.

I’m also doing plenty of volunteer work in Anne Frank’s museum, which I love. I have given guided tours both in English and in Spanish this week, and both groups behaved well and seemed interested. I’ve also volunteered at Brincar last Saturday, and I was paired with Christian (a good-looking volunteer guy who is majoring in psychology) to work with a specially challenging but mostly sweet boy. The boy responded better to Christian than to me and their interactions seemed to come easier and more naturally than mine, but that might be because Christian had already been working with this particular boy for two Saturdays before that. Also, Christian said he thought our boy liked me or at least felt comfortable around me, because he held my hand when we went for a walk.

On other news, a girl from college who is studying to become a preschool/nursery teacher has sent a message to our evening shift WhattsApp group about a job offer for students of psychology. The job is helping a child with special needs at school and in sport and swimming classes. It’s a part-time job, for the morning shift and in a neighborhood near home. I told the girl I was interested in it and she promised to email me more information, but she hasn’t done it yet. My sister also told me of a religious community in our neighborhood that’s looking for a student of psychology or school psychology to go with a young girl with Asperger’s syndrome to some activities for youths they do every Saturday in the community. I want to apply for that one too. The only problem I see with it is that I would have to stop going to Brincar’s Saturday activities, which I really enjoy, but I guess having a real, paying job that is related to my new course of studies that I’m so passionate about would be worth it 🙂

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