Graduation & Moving to Japan

I’ve graduated!!! I finally graduated with my BS in chemical engineering from Berkeley! 🙂 I can’t believe how fast time flew by. I feel like it was only a few months ago that I moved to California, dizzy and disoriented as I tried to navigate my way through Berkeley. I had not even 1 single friend, I knew nobody but that was also part of the excitement. And who could have told me that I was going to meet the love of my life here? That I would make such great friends too. I am sad to go now,  I had made this great place my home. But on to bigger and better things. 🙂 

My love is finally here as well, I missed him so terribly much. I had not seen him since the end of February. He’s staying with me for the week and then going back to Tokyo. My parents were also here for my graduation but have to fly back to Colorado the very next day because of work commitments. 

I’m currently in the process of moving out of my apartment as well, I’ve been packing up and shipping things to my parents home in Colorado since Monday. So my apartment will remain vacant for the remainder of the year even though my lease is for the full year. I would have tried to sublet my apartment, but they do not allow that in this haughty building. I’m just going to have to cut my losses and move forward. 

My schedule is looking very hectic and I’m going to be so busy for the next two months leading up to our wedding. Our wedding is July 13 in Connecticut where my family is originally from. So it is incredibly difficult to plan a wedding that will take place halfway across the country, but I have hired an amazing wedding planner who has taken complete control and helped with everything. Everything is taken care of pretty much, the only thing we are still not ‘set in stone’ is minor details like champagne for the toast, additional flower designs. etc. My wedding is going to be very small and intimate, less than 60 people, so it wasn’t very difficult to plan for. I have also found my wedding dress and I am in love. I found it in San Francisco and it was love at first sight, it has all of my checklist items that I wanted. The veil as well, I wanted a cathedral veil that was floor length and mine has hand-stitched embroidery, pearls, cubic zirconia, and beadwork, its beautiful! The dress <3 

So our wedding plans are right on top of everything, its all going smoothly. 

My next move is I would hopefully like to move out of this place by Friday. Because I am going to fly back to Tokyo with Ayato for a week, maybe two weeks. Because Ayato is moving out of his little apartment, and he has just purchased a brand new and much bigger apartment for us, and we want to have everything settled before the wedding. So we have to move out of his old place, and also buy new furniture and all of that good stuff. So I have to buy a few things for me as well, mostly some clothes, vanity mirror etc. But mainly furniture. 

Even though we’re going to be very busy for the weeks leading up to our wedding I am so happy. I missed Ayato so much, I hate having to be so far away, these last months were painful.  

Ayato’s jet lag is awful thou, its been almost a week and he’s still uncomfortable.  Its midnight but he can’t sleep, so I guess I’ll go cuddle him. 😉 Goodnight journal! 

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