Since hearing that it’s time to take my life back and with the reminder that Kyle is watching over me, I feel less apologetic and more… Matter of fact? Instead of feeling guilty that I am resting when I “should be” cleaning, conquering my never ending to do list or being outside because it’s sunny, I just am. I’m resting and this is what it is. Period. No asking permission or defending myself, just… I hear what you think I should be doing and this is what I’m choosing to do instead. I’m tired of explaining my pain when no one can really understand anyways and I am tired of apologizing and defending who I am. Whether I’m fully comfortable and in love with this version of me or not, I shouldn’t feel bad when my circumstances are beyond my control. This is a concept I hope to continue grasping. Less “I hope they like me, I hope I can make everyone happy, I will break myself if that’s what it takes to help” and more… “This is my journey, I have work to do and I matter.”  So today, I live unapologetically, for me.

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