Pain, Purpose and Partnership – Jeremy Foster

Things will shake your faith and if you allow it, will shape your faith. You have choices/decisions in life and if you make a choice/decision that will cause you to do wrong you know it comes with consequences. And you will have to deal with those consequences because it was YOUR decision that you made, not anyone else.

When you dwell on what other people think of you, you lose focus on what God thinks of you. He made a masterpiece and YOU ARE HIS masterpiece!

Three things are going to happen when you try and please people –

  1. You’re going to get hurt
  2. You’re going to be lonely – loneliness causes you to reach and you will either reach for God and healthy people or you’re going to reach for the people that are rejecting you.
  3. You’re going to set unattainable expectations that you absolutely can’t reach no matter how hard you try.

You will try and compare yourself to others and comparison is a trap. You will also put others on a pedestal thinking they are the most perfect people, but that is also a trap. That trap you allowed yourself to fall in because you wanted to be like someone else or that person you put on a pedestal fell off that pedestal because you held them too high, will wind up making you feeling empty, not good enough, why am I even here because no one cares about me. When you’re going through these feelings, it isn’t any less than what others have went through. We are all human and we ALL feel the same emotions.  

Anxiety causes worry and worry robs you of your peace. You have dominion over the devil but a lot of times you allow the devil to rule over your life. The devil HAS NO AUTHORITY but when you give him that authority he takes off running with it.

When you trust in yourself, live up to your own standards and your own expectations you are being who YOU want to be. You have to align yourself with God, get in his spirit, give power to the Holy Spirit. Pray, read your Bible, spend time with God. You have to trust in HIM, not yourself. What happens when you trust in yourself you’re carrying all of your worries and hurt by yourself. Wondering how are you going to make it, what is going to happen? Worry leads to isolation, isolation leads to depression and depression leads to oppression. Worry pulls you out of the presence of God and how are YOU going to deal with everything. Philippians 4:6-7 – read scripture. You can say you’re a believer but when you’re not trusting God with all of the challenges in your life that shows you’re truly not a believer. Remember, you’re still going to deal with depression and anxiety even though you are saved. You can’t gloss over it, you can’t ignore it. But you don’t have to deal with it on your own. Go to God with these feelings. When you allow God to handle your worries you will experience God’s peace. A lot of people may also need to go to counseling as well. You need to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through. Allow them to come along side you and help you. Also allow God to speak into it as well.

When you’re going through something that you don’t know how to handle it, depression, anxiety you have to acknowledge it and respond to it. Acknowledge that fact that God is with you always. When you feel lonely remember you are NEVER alone. God is with you even when you feel others have left you behind. Feelings are real, but they’re not always true.

  1. Respond to your emotions. Take control of how you feel and choose joy. And there are 3 things that will help you choose joy – 1. Get in God’s presence 2. Get around God’s people. (The people you are around will define what happens in your life. When you’re around people who are rebellious, you will follow. When you’re around positive people, you will follow. Don’t do anything that pushes you away from the Father! Be around people who build you up) 3. Get in God’s purpose. He has a purpose for you. You can go and give your life over to Christ (be saved), but not walking in the faith because you think that because you can still live like you were before you were saved. You are a new person when you give your life over to Christ. Walk with Christ, build a relationship with him and you will see how amazing and wonderful he is.
  2. EVEN during hard times because he NEVER said you won’t go through pain, anger, hard times. But he DID promise he will walk hand and hand with you to hold you up and guide you through what you are going through.

 Perfection is a myth, it’s NOT real. The only perfect person to walk this earth was Jesus Christ!

1st Samuel 16:7 verse – But the Lord told him, “Samuel, don’t think Eliab is the one just because he’s tall and handsome. He isn’t the one I’ve chosen. People judge others by what they look like, but I judge people by what is in their hearts.”

Romans 15:13 –  I pray that God, who gives hope, will bless you with complete happiness and peace because of your faith. And may the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with hope.

Nehemiah 8:10 – Nehemiah told the people, “Enjoy your good food and wine and share some with those who didn’t have anything to bring. Don’t be sad! This is a special day for the Lord, and he will make you happy and strong.”

Psalm 16:11 – You have shown me the path to life, and you make me glad by being near to me.Sitting at your right side,I will always be joyful. God will make you feel joy in his presence. You have to pray.

Ephesians 2:10 –  God planned for us to do good things and to live as he has always wanted us to live. That’s why he sent Christ to make us what we are. We are God’s masterpiece!!!!

Pain pushes you to purpose, purpose pushes you to partnership. When you’re going through something, and it hurts and it’s hard it will push you to your purpose ultimately. You can choose to allow your pain to pull you down and feel pity for yourself, concentrating on your pain and try to overthink why it happened to you OR you can continue walking forward full force holding onto the hand of God and pray for the strength to make it through and come out stronger.

Those people who were hurt walk through healing, they become the people who help others who are hurting, walk through healing. Their tests become testimonies.

God called us to save us for a purpose. What is your purpose you were called to walk out?

Find your calling, follow it. You will not find that passion in materialistic things or money. Because the more things and the more money you have the more you will just look around and see that there will always be someone with more. Help make someone else’s life better. But the first step in following your calling is you have to believe it. Because before anyone else believes your calling YOU have to believe it! It’s your calling, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you.

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