day 255

As it turned out, it seems like I will not be working promoting phones this summer. So I found another job that seems interesting (and sort of related to the field of my education). A freight forwarding company in my hometown needs a student to help them. Although the ad said they are searching for someone over twenty two I called them and the guy who answered said I can come to their office on monday. The ad also said applicants studying logistics/maritime/economy are preferred. I fit in this group and have quite some work experience in logistics so I think I might actually have a chance to get the job.

Later I got another call and it was the lady from the student job place (the company where other companies who need student workers put their ads) whom I had the first interview, regarding the phone marketing job, with. She asked how the seminar went and if I got the schedule yet. I told her I received an email from them saying I will not be working for them. She was really surprised to hear than and said she will ask them what this is all about. She seemed genuinely surprised I was rejected but I think she said she will call them just to make me feel better about it all. If she really did call them I really appreciate it, but to be honest, I am over the job. Even if they call me now to ask me to work for them I would refuse. I do not want to work for a company that treats their possible employees (even if only short term students) like that. Being all nice at the seminar, rejecting them via email the next day without any reason and ignoring them afterwards.

After lunch we went to ”study” with a classmate. By study I mean listening to him reading the answers I wrote the day before. Then we went to the beach and home.



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