day 256

Yesterday was the same as the two days before. I studied in the morning, had lunch and went to the beach. My roommate was tutoring maths so I was alone at home for a while.

I watched another anime. Whisper of the Heart is an amazing film. A girl who loves reading is searching for a guy who borrowed all the books she choses before her. The story developes a lot more after the searching for the guy part and I loved all of it. So well made and heartwarming.

Another three months have almost passed and that means it will soon be time for me to post another ”last three months of my life” video. I am having trouble deciding what song to put in the video. My three picks are Gazzelle (an Italian artist), Mark Whalen or city pop (a japanese music genre from the 70s and the 80s). Although I like his songs the most, Gazzelle’s music is too sad for how I was feeling these past three months. That is why I will probably not use him. Maybe in the next video, or whenever I will feel sadder. This leaves me with Mark Whalen or city pop. Both are the type of music I am looking for, arousing a nostalgic feeling of spring and early summer. Once I come to a decision I will not tell you what I picked – you will have to check the video yourselves.



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