day 257

I forgot to mention it yesterday, but I started rewatching Terrace House. It is nice because now I understand some jokes I completely missed watching the first time around and, because I already know what happens, I can see which commentator’s predictions are accurate.

Yesterday I took two exams. Both were verbal, but I was confident to pass one while I was uncertain for the other one. First I had the easy one early in the morning and I passed it in less than five minutes. There was a lot of time until the second one so I was on the beach with my roommate for a while, then I want to the flat and packed my bags for later. Soon, it was lunchtime and I met with a friend for it. Roommate did not join us because he was busy with some other stuff. The second exam was at two. I was silent for the larger part of it but somehow passed it with a seven (six to ten are the positive grades). Roommate and the friend were in line after me and they both passed as well.

Because the exams took longer than expected we returned home later than usually. Dad was just about to go to work when I arrived while mum and brother were both working. I was at home for a while and when my mum finished working we went out for ice cream.



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