day 258 and 259

I finally completed Casa de Papel. It took me a lot longer than expected to watch the whole series through. The first season went by quickly, but the second one took me almost two months. Especially the last two weeks I have barely watched it at all. There is no reason in particular for it, I was not busy with school and did not spend my evenings out, but still, I just did not feel like watching it. I liked the show a lot. A group of robbers decide to enter the Royal Mint of Spain (the place where money is printed) and seize it in order to print themselves money – that way they are not steeling from anyone but rather make money for themselves. Their plan is extremely well made, every detail is thought of and they are always one step in front the police. Still, not everything was great. Often I found myself thinking¬† how can the robbers be so smart and yet make such stupid mistakes (some examples: leaving hostages by themselves, unguarded; having unnecessary arguments despite being well trained professionals…). There is more – it bothered me how the hostages talked ”secretly” to each other, but it was loud enough that the guard two meters away should be able to hear them, but for some reason did not. And this is only one example, there are many occasions where someone should or could have done something to prevent and event, but they simply did not. I understand the writers had to make the story tense and unpredictable, but these kind of small details in filming bothered me quite a lot. But all in all a great, action filled, show. Much better than many american ones.

Yesterday I went on a day trip with my parents and grandpa. It was a lovely day and we have had a lovely time.



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