Lets be real

“No one gets me”, “they all”, “why does everyone”so on and so forth.  Lots of posts about how everyone is wrong or homogeneous and no one thinks how narcissistic that is.  Think about it: “How likely is it 8 billion people are wrong and you are right”  I’ve said statements like that but I believe I have grown out of it.

Think of a movie like The matrix, or a superhero movie, why you?  It is rare enough a superman or a Neo happen, but why does it feel like it could be you?  You haven’t done anything to earn it or increase your chances, but it does, doesn’t it?

We are obsessed with ourselves, and maybe that is as it should be from a survival perspective, but could we teach teenagers that the original thought, that they are right and the whole world is wrong is over simplified and pointless? Every journal I read with these statements, I immediately stop, I cannot be dragged into their insane worldview.

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