day 260

I went to the logistics company I called last week yesterday. The guy told me they are searching for a long-term student as there is a possibility of getting a regular full time job later. Still, he was happy with my education (it perfectly fits their requirements) and work experience and if no one better applies I still might get the job. He has a meeting with his superiors in the capital on thursday and I will get an answer after that. I am not too confident but at least I get a reason for not getting the job. There are no other interesting jobs listed on the websites and I have been thinking I might simply remain unemployed this summer. It is a stupid idea because I am bored after two days of not having to to anything and I can not imagine how I would survive two months like that. I would really like to get an interesting job soon.

After the interview I went for a quick swim to the river. I was by my self and it was early enough so there were almost no other people there. I might do that again.

Pasta was for lunch and I cooked it. It was alright.



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