day 262 and 263

The other day I watched Kimi No Na Wa. I have heard a lot of praise for the film which made my expectations high. And I liked it, but was left expecting more. The soundtrack is decent while there are some plot holes, but it still is an enjoyable movie. Maybe it was spoiled for me because I have seen the final scene on the internet before, even I did not know what movie it was from at the time.

Wednesday afternoon I drove myself to the flat for the last time. I moved out yesterday, after I passed the penultimate exam (medicine) in the morning. I will only go to university next wednesday for the last exam and after that I will be done with the first year of university.

I was watching Casually Explained videos on youtube and one of them was an unlikely source of motivation for me. It was titled ”Fear of missing out” or something similar and the conclusion basically says: ‘you miss out on everything you do not attend’. Let’s be honest, he does not discover anything new here, but he explains it so well it makes you realize how right he is. It made me want to go out and accept every invitation I get even if I do not feel like it. I guess I just needed some stranger on the internet telling me the obvious to realize it myself.



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