day 265 and 266

I watched a Frantz. After WWI, a fiance of a German solder who died in the trenches meets a french man who visits the fiance’s grave. An astonishing and touching story, accompanied by great acting and beautiful filmography. Although the plot was somewhat predictable it was a pleasure to watch.

I often write about movies and shows I watch in the journal and I figured that may be because movies are the rare occasions when I actually feel feelings. I am not an emotionless robot anymore, but a human with feelings.

In the afternoon I was bored and decided to make brownies. I have not baked anything in a while and I kinda missed it. Sorry, there is no picture but I forgot to take it and now they are all gone.

Yesterday evening we went to play volleyball. I think I prefer playing volleyball over football. Not that there is a specific reason, I just like it better. I have not played it since last summer and nothing changed, I am still shit but it is okay, everyone is. Now that summer holidays have basically started we will be (hopefully) going to play sports more often.



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