Waiting …

He knows what He wants, what He needs.
But He is not greedy, He needs only one, and she is special.
she knows what she can give, and when she can give it.
But she gives only to one.  And He is special.
So He waits for her.
And she comes to Him, when she is able.
While apart, He waits with caring and compassion.
And when together, it is incredible and beautiful.

8 thoughts on “Waiting …”

  1. increíble la forma tan penetrante tus sentimientos son para esta persona que es especial para ti. me agrada leer tu diario y seguiré leyendo. gracias.

  2. Thank you so much for your warm comments. She is very special to me.
    It’s funny, she speaks Spanish too, though I don’t. That’s part of why I particularly appreciated your note to be.

  3. It’s been amazing reading your journals. I think if you take Spanish up as a second language, it will be wow for her. Your way of describing life and emotions is so palpable that have me sitting at the edge of my seat to click in and see if there is a new journal for me to read. I hope you consider being a writer, you have that special ability…

  4. Well, thank you so much for those comments. I can only write like that on occasion, not all the time. I need to feel emotionally moved.
    Where in the world are you, btw? Not that it matters, but I’m just curious since you speak Spanish.
    I will try and add more writing soon. I also have some spicy (ie, very sexy) things I write, I don’t post all of that on here for perhaps obvious reasons.
    I’m not sure how she would react to me learning Spanish. We tend to write 99% of our communications anyway (she does not live near me) although I have written the odd phrase (or part of it) here and there that way.
    Have yourself a good day.
    And again, thanks!

  5. Sounds good about you writing like that on occasion, quality over quantity is my cup of tea (herbal tea for moi lol) I am from the USA, born and raised. My parents are Latino so my first language was Spanish and would speak it at home while at school I learned English and spoke to my siblings in English. I took French in high school and college which is something I enjoyed. It’s been a long time and I really enjoyed learning new languages and something I would do again in the future. I think maybe if you just don’t tell her that you are learning Spanish but you keep it up your sleeve and pull it out one day as something you did to show her how much she means to you plus its a bonus to know a second language, she might be highly impressed! You say she doesn’t live near you, does she live in another country? There is something so amazing about long distance online connections, I think unless you don’t go thru it personally, you can’t understand how deep you can go with someone, and its unlike anything else. Life is quite complex at times and someone can totally “get you” in ways that people in your present life might not. It is really an opportunity to peel an onion into inner layers that are sometimes a mystery to our own self. A maze that can “a(maze)” you as you hit roadblocks but there is always a glimmer of hope that you find another path that you didn’t expect….which can be totally refreshing and frightening as well. Wishing you a smile at this moment 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for the smile and the amazing note. I think I need that glimmer right now because it feels the last few weeks she is gone and might not be back.
    Yes. I get her and she does get me. But that doesn’t always mean she is capable of writing to me and that is ironically part of what I love about her. That she can be the way she needs to be and know that at the end of it I will still be there.
    I can’t do your note full justice at the moment but I will return to it.
    I am elated though to hear of your heritage, and am very happy to have received such a thoughtfully written and genuine message. Thank you more than you perhaps realize.
    Have a lovely day.

  7. I’m not all the adept at languages. I took French all through high school but really didn’t do that well. Perhaps it was the teaching method, I’m not sure. But I don’t remember much of it though I’ve never really used it.
    Learning Spanish does sound interesting … but as I said above I’m starting to fear that must maybe, perhaps … she isn’t coming back this time. I’ve no idea why, things didn’t end, she was just very, very close and perhaps got scared? I digress …
    Yes, she lives in a different country. I’m in Canada, she’s in the US. There was never and will never be a plan to meet. That was agreed upon at the beginning. I was originally born in England, move to Canada when I was four, so I’ve grown up here.
    I will say, and I’m not always sure way, I am for some reason particularly fond of Latin women. Perhaps it is a different passion: for life, and love and in other ways.I hope you don’t mind me saying that. Of course the girl I talk about on here is Latina, I think you have either gathered or read that already. *smiles* Perhaps along the way you will teach me some Spanish!
    Would you be at all interested in my email address? Comments on here are okay, but it sometimes feels like being eavesdropped on when having a conversation with a particular person!
    Enjoy your day! And again thank you for your notes. I do appreciate them.

  8. I’m glad that you enjoyed my notes, and yes it would be nice for you to share your email address. * Te deseo otra sonrisa en este momento *

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