day 270

I had some errands to run in the morning and was out almost until lunch.

At five thirty I went to the pool to (finally) go swimming. But the pool’s schedule on the internet was not updated and they closed at six so there was no point in me entering. Luckily, there is ”night swimming” from eight to ten and I went then. Swimming is great, but there were so many people I could not really swim so much. There only were four lanes for swimmers, the rest of the pool being used for waterpolo and for non-swimmers. And it would not be a problem sharing a lane with six other swimmers, but there were some people in the lanes who were not swimming but rather just stand there, being in the way. I have to figure out what time is the best to go to the pool, when the pool is less congested.



3 thoughts on “day 270”

  1. hey,I have a q. are you a boy or a girl cuz i cant quite identify from the 3,4 entries of yours i read. I think you are a girl, idk.
    you dont have to answer if u dont want to
    A random curious passerby

  2. I remember reading ur first 1,2 entries cuz I used to write regularly here bk then and I tho’t “uh boring”

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