day 271

Yesterday was interesting. It was my first day of working at the hamburger place. I did not do much, but I liked the basic things I did do (mostly preparing vegetables). It was also more relaxed than the restaurant I worked at a couple of years ago. But it was expected, with only my brother and a waiter working beside me. At two they left and another cook came to work. In the three hours we worked together we made one hamburger (and it was the cook’s friend, who came to hang out, who ordered it). The remaining time we just sat there chatting and waiting if someone would come. But no one did. Brother came back to work at four thirty and I left shortly after.

My roommate’s birthday party was in the evening. There were like, fifteen people there and i did not know some of them. It was actually quite nice. We ate and just hung out.

I called for yet another job and got no answer back. But at least I am not the only one. A friend said he asked around for a job as well and everyone said ”Yes we need someone and we will call you for details about your job”, but never called. I can not understand why when you need a worker and someone applies, you then do not hire them. Not even politely decline, but ignore the applicant completely. It makes no sense at all.



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