day 274

I am going to write mostly about movies today. I did not do anything worth mentioning bit there are two movies I have watched in the past couple of days.

Both movies are animes. First one is called Kaguyahime no monogatari. A bamboo cutter finds a tiny girl inside a bamboo stalk he cuts. She rapidly grows into a beautiful woman. The bamboo cutter then finds a stack of gold inside another bamboo and he decides it was given to him to take care for the bamboo princess. They move to a palace in the city,  but soon the princess has to confront her fate. I especially loved the drawing style. It is not classic anime, but more painting-like. I is more suggestive, only having details drawn on objects you should be concentrating on, and the background being vague. Although the story is a bit predictable – a blind, greedy parent doing things he thinks are the best for his child and not realizing he is only making the child unhappy, it was still enjoyable.

The other anime is Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro). A classic anime from the 80s about two sisters who move to the country with their dad in order to be closer to their sick mother. There they meet forest spirits who live nearby. Another great anime I absolutely loved. But I do not know why exactly I liked it so much. It does not have the special drawing style or a strong message, it is just a lovely film.

And just in case you have not seen it yesterday, here is the new video I filmed during the last three months.



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