day 275 and 276

My brother finally managed to sell his old car. A guy from serbia who buys used cars from other countries and imports them back called him a couple of days ago and said he will come to buy it. I went with my brother to the dmv where he was supposed to meet with the buyer. He called multiple times saying he will be thirty minutes late because of slow traffic and after two hours he eventually showed up. And it was not the caller who came, but another employee of his. So instead of simply looking at the car and buying it, this guy had to video call his boss and show him the car. It took a while, but eventually he agreed to buy the car (I think for a fair price, but brother should have tried selling it for more). It took us basically the whole morning, but at least the car is finally gone.

I went swimming after lunch and I figured going at one p.m. is great because there is no one at the pool then. I had the whole lane for myself.

I am not doing much during my excessive amount of free time. Job hunt is going awfully – I never hear beck from the companies I call. But I am not bored of staying at home yet so it does not bother me. I said I want to hang out with friends more, but I have not even talked with anyone since the football last week.

And I still have not received the results of the last exam.

I guess my life right now is pretty stale. Maybe something will happen eventually, I hope something will happen eventually.



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