day 278

I finally got the results of our last exam this school year. I got a 10 (the best score possible). Now I have officially completed the first year of university and I can enjoy the summer carefree (like I have not been doing that since june). After receiving the results I applied for the final document required for my student exchange. If there is one thing I absolutely hate it is bureaucracy and I just want to get done with it as soon as possible.

There is just over a month until I go to holidays with my parents. They are going a week before me and I will join them later. We are going to Canary islands (I am not sure which island exactly). We have been there once before a couple of years ago, but on a different island. Maybe I will go somewhere with my friends, but considering the fact I do not ever hear from them, the chances for that to happen are pretty slim. And I still have not found a job. If I do not find one soon it will become useless for me to even try to get one. I do not think anyone would want to hire a student only for a week or two.



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