day 279

After lunch I went to the river. I decided to walk further up, instead of staying near the kayak center, to move away from people. The path goes along the river, but eventually ascends a few meters higher. There are some occasional side paths leading back down to the river, where the terrain is flatter and makes it easier to settle down. I found one space that is quite secluded and has a nice area where you can sit or probably even lay. I remembered to bring a book with me so after swimming for a bit I sat down and read. It was really nice and I plan on going there more often.

It is pretty sad this was the only thing worth mentioning that happened yesterday. There was some conversation about playing football, going to the river or going eating with friends, but nothing happened yet. The problem now is that everyone will be going on holidays and will not be able to hang out. But maybe something will happen, who knows.



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