My fear

My fear, it may be not quite what you think.  But it’s that I am afraid you will reach for Me one day and have you think I’m not there.  So each day I send you a note so you know I really am here.

you will never have to reach very far to feel a warm and caring touch, and you can know I will never let you sink, and never let you fall. 

you are far too precious.
you are safe.

Do all that you need to do.  Be all that you need to be.
And know that in the end, I am here for you.

3 thoughts on “My fear”

  1. Your heart is golden not red because your loving warmth already found a place in every cell of her body. She radiates your warmth which in turn others can feel because you live inside of her. She is never alone. Just as the sun shines on everyone your golden heart lives on forever.

  2. Everything you write is like the words from a modern version of pride and prejudice. I love it!!!

  3. Thank you AnonymousVegan. That’s such a lovely comment. It seems you have felt this yourself in another, and it’s nice to feel your warmth shining over to me in your remarks.
    Savannah, that is kind of you to say, and I’m glad you like what I write. I will admit, I haven’t read the book and have only seen a few minutes of the movie, but I take this as a very nice compliment.

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