day 281

I went swimming twice yesterday. After lunch I went to the pool first, to do the hour of recreational swimming and then headed to the river. Again, I brought a book with me to read. Not many people were there (which is expected on a work day), but there were a bunch of kids kayaking up and down the river. I guess they had some kind of lessons or something. Other than that I enjoyed my time there.

The book I am currently reading is ”A Horse Walks into a Bar” by David Grossman. It is written in this weird style that I am not sure I like. It is basically a written description of a stand-up event as seen through the eyes of an audaience member. But there are occasional breaks in the stand-up, where the storyteller talks about why he even is at the show. He explains the connection between the stand-up comedian on stage and the storyteller himself. I hope something happens towards the end of the book, because I am not feeling it so far.

Staying on the topic of books I have something else to write about. The book I was reading before this one was Either/Or by Soren Kierkegaard. A philosophical book I would have never even picked up if it was not mentioned in a youtube video. I borrowed the version in my native language as opposed to English to make it easier to understand, but the moment I opened it I figured it is way too hard to read. For a week or so I was reading like five pages a day. And I did not even find it that interesting, it was  just a bunch of bullshit, filled with fancy words, that had no meaning. I decided to skip some parts in order to find an interesting part, but gave up soon. The book was sitting on a shelf for a month, probably, if not more, until I had to return it last week. The reason I did not return it before was that I have run out of books in my local library. I have a list of books I want to read, but the library does not have any of them. This means I have to order them online, but they take ages to arrive, and I got fed up with waiting , so I had to borrow some other book in the meantime.



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