Finding Meaning

Everyone in their 20s and 30s is looking for meaning, even if they don’t realize it.  Truth is some never find it.  For a good chunk it is their kids, kicking the question down the road.  I might not have that option, I might not want it.

So if it ends with me, what was the point of it?  None of my cousins figured it out, and I think I am close helping people learn and better themselves, translating knowledge so that the masses can benefit.  Some are career coaches but I wouldn’t feel qualified for that considering my background.

LMS is the way if you can find the right SMEs, get people to care.  Through my work at Microsoft I helped dozens at Motorola, maybe hundreds substantially, but Ortho only has 300 people, and maybe only 1/3 will look through the wellness.

I need to expand, find a way to help more people so that I can feel like it was all worth it.  All the sacrifice going back generations, why did they do it? So I could do this.

I am a Leaf on the wind watch me soar.  

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