So, my girlfriend broke up with me. I shouldn’t have gotten so attached, so excited to have someone who truly loved me for me.

I was angry, really really angry. She led me on for a week knowing she didn’t love me. Said she wanted to get married and wanted a family together. She didn’t even love girls. My heart was ripped into shreds, I started shaking and i never got out of bed the rest of the night. I just cried until it sort of stopped hurting, like anyone would in my place.

So I ran to my best friend who happened to be my ex and i clung to him. I was so happy, he loves me so he won’t get sick of me right? I won’t be seen as dependant or clingy, not with him. He won’t tell me to back off.

I was so wrong. So very wrong.

‘Listen, I’m here for you alright but don’t depend on me a lot. I mean I don’t mind it but I feel like you need someone to love in your life so you can focus on stuff.’

It hurt seeing that last night, from the boy i only felt safe with. To throw me away like that, I stared at it in shock my heart beating harder and harder. Then I went to sleep, feeling so heart broken i didn’t even want to speak.

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  1. I’m sorry this has happened to you. But you will feel better, you will get past it. It would be difficult to go back to your ex boyfriend for his support like this, he likely doesn’t want to feel emotional about things again. It would have been nice if he could have given you a little time to feel better, but he didn’t.
    Give yourself a break, and try to rest. Make sure you eat, and if you can’t to that at least drink properly. Don’t dwell on past things, but think about what the future will hold. You are young and there is a lot ahead of you. There will be another.
    You’ll be okay. You may not feel like that today, but things will feel better soon.

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