day 282

After swimming I went out for a coffee. The coffee costs 1,30€, I have been there many times and the price has always been the same, so I prepared the exact amount to pay. The waiter then comes and asks for 1,20€. I was really confused and asked him if it got cheaper. He was a bit confused as well, but then discovered he was wrong. I have a small confession to make about this. You (and the waiter) may think I am a nice guy for notifying the waiter about the price, when I could save 10 cents, but the actual reason I wanted to pay 1,30€ is because I have prepared the money and returned my wallet into my pocket and if I was to pay less, I would have to find the wallet again and put the money in. Well, I could not be bothered to do this, so instead I rather payed the correct price.

I am currently watching the second series of Terrace House on netflix and I came to the part, where the show becomes unbearable. The two new members that arrive are complete idiots and just ruin the show. And none of the remaining members are too interesting which, towards the end makes, makes the show boring. (But that does not mean I will not watch it).



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