day 283

Yesterday was eventful. Well, more like early morning today.

But let’s start in the beginning. Parents and I had dinner in a restaurant where my friend works. I say friend, but I have not seen or talked to him since last summer. We used to be good friends in primary school and for a couple of years in secondary school too. Then we slowly grew apart, for no apparent reason. We just did our own stuff and it was not all that connected. He also rarely came when the rest of us would hang out and he distanced himself from us. But I do not think it was on purpose, it just happened to be this way. He works as a waiter in the restaurant and of course we talked for a bit.

Talking with him made me feel like an outsider looking at my friend’s life and not as a part of their lives. And it is not only him, I feel this way about all my friends. Like I am in their lives because they are being nice enough to let me in, and not because they actually want me in. I do not know. I can’t word it well.

Now to the eventful part. Brother went on a party yesterday. It was someone’s eighteenth birthday. Around midnight, when I was just about to go to sleep, I get a call from one of the guys at the party and he says two other guys will bring my brother home because he is completely wasted. So mum and I come down when they arrive and he is blacked out. I have never seen him in this kind of state, but all I could do is laugh at what an idiot he is. He threw up on the way, but luckily they held him out of the car window, so only a little throw up went around inside the car (they drove him in his own car, at least). He was as responsive as a sack of potatoes so a friend and me carried him to our flat (of course we have to live on the fifth floor and there is no elevator in the building). Parents then gave him a shower and he slept on the living room floor. You can imagine I slept very well tonight.



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