Jul 11 Thurs

Went to bed about an hour before roomie woke, around 4.30 am on the couch. I heard him moving around after roomie left around 6. He sprayed something made me very anxious. I did go to sleep for a bit but I’m wired on whatever it is. 

Went to bed around 7 am. Heard him in the attic and smelled insulation. He kept spraying the stuff. I read scripture aloud and tried to explain it and told him as I always do you have a way out. Trust God, etc. Fell asleep finally, I’m very restless but tired. Woke to back of my head pounding, ears ringing, they were ringing when I got up to smoke too. Throat hurts. My neck feels muscular, not soft as it should. Idk what he’s done to me to cause this. Haven’t looked in mirror yet so idk what I look like. 

Eyes a little painful and very swollen. Rt leg veins more pronounced, this is leg I kick alot with. Definitely sign of lack of oxygen. By pressing veins, could it be possible to constrict oxygen flow. 

5.30 pm green arrived home, took side alley. His skin looks lighter than before; his tan is very deep but in a few days he looks white? Maybe he was wearing makeup on his arms too. 

6ish, saw a silver car resembles the one green drives missing the license plate drive by. Unknown if it’s him, good to note just in case. 

10pm went into front br to turn on air, it’s been acting up last few days, idk something he did? It’s an m.o. shoes were pulled out from under the bed. I didn’t look for anything else. 

Flossed my teeth, gums are very painful. Noticed my rt arm has a sore like left arm does, pic or left in yesterday’s log. Also vein in joint is sticking out more in rt arm. 

Found this on bathroom floor right in front of toilet so I would see it. Idk where it came from. I’m wondering my purse? That’s in the digital safe. Idk. I haven’t looked to find anything else out of order.

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  1. Know that I am thinking of you and keeping you lifted up in prayer.

  2. Ty! I appreciate it.prayers for you as well.

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