Decided to put my overtime $ to use. I really want to try to buy the van for sale by my friends house. I would honestly remove the back sests, install a bed/storage unit for my eotw bag, my cooking stove, and cooking kit, dinner ware. Outfitted with this I at least have a good backup plan. My adopted father told me if you own a van you’re not homeless. My friend Chad told me it’s a great plan because life is a real son of a bitch. So provided that it is there next payday I will buy it and I will convert it. If I actually had to be living in it full time I could actually save a great deal of money 💰 due to not having to pay for the rent. It also gives me back the freedom to choose what I want to do and where I really want to be. Second, I have work the cover of BLUE HIGHWAY off. I want to get to travel and see what happens next, I have a gypsy soul and a r

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