Where BeerWeasel™ came from…

     So this being my first post I thought I would drop a few words together to explain my on-line persona.  When I was younger, early 20s, I was a photographer.  I traveled to many different cities here in the U.S. taking pictures and selling my work.   It was a very enjoyable job that had a lot of benefits to it.  I lived in hotel rooms so at 21 I was not paying any rent or utilities.  The company I worked for took really good care of their employees, especially those who were making them a lot of money.  Life was really good back then. 
       Being on the road so much got kind of lonely.  I did this for about a year.  I wanted to get a cat or dog but thought that most hotels have issues with Pets or wanted some dumb amount for a deposit.  Sneaking an animal that size wasn’t going to be easy so I decided not to do it.  Weeks later I ended up in Sterling Illinois.  I loved visiting pet shops in different cities and that day I met a less than 6 month old Ferret.  I had only seen them in the movies.  To make a long story short – I was making good money at 21, traveled full time and wanted a travel pet to take along with me.  He was small enough to travel in the car with me and little enough to put in the suitcase before entering a hotel.  He was perfect.  Couldn’t find the right name for him until I found out he liked beer.  So, BeerWeasel became his name. 
    I had him a long time.  8 Years to be exact.  And when the Internet started to develop in the 90’s, I took his name for an On-line handle in 1996.  He died 2 years later but would forever be in my memories and became my online persona back in my 20’s.  Today in my late 40’s I feel I should take on the name of SoberWeasel… but that just doesn’t have the same Flair.  Times and life have changed for me that is for sure.  

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