Exodus 14:14

“The Lordshall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace”

Ive been stressed, but alas when am I not? However, except for Tuesday this was a good week, Tuesday was a hiccup it happens. I will say Ive been much happier this week then in awhile. I realize I do best when I have a strict schedule and routine, and when its thrown off my brain goes into chaos. So every day Ive woken up at 6am, had breakfast, and get to work. Then at lunch I also make dinner so when dinner time rolls around I dont have to cook and I can just relax. Then in the evening I read and unwind.

I think I have temporarily traumatized myself from drinking, from a wine roomie1 & I got Monday evening that made me so sick Tuesday, did not drink as much as normal but my body rejected that wine terribly. Same with her, thats why we always drink wine we never get a hangover & we were both done on Tuesday.

I’m annoyed that my Aunt is mad at me, I slept over her house Saturday evening, then Sunday made a huge dinner even dessert, went with her grocery shopping and everything because she was upset that her husband never gets groceries. And I had to leave because I had to work Monday morning, and I havent heard from her since Sunday evening because she wanted me to sleep over again. Sleeping over Saturday evening wasnt even planned, I had no change of clothing, my computers, nothing. Its so completely asinine that shes upset when I have to make a living to support me and my son. But theres nothing I can do,  I sent her a few very kind messages including bible verses, she can contact me when shes done being dramatic. I am not going to stress over something.

So back to my happier week, I think my eating routine helps as well, my home made chia pudding is my current favorite snack and I like to pretend its healthy. Also, Ive completely stopped dying my hair, and I think Im just going to let it keep growing and not do anything with it, see how healthy it gets.

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