day 285

I watched another anime yesterday. My Neighbours the Yamadas is a collection of comedic sketches, or vignettes, if you will, showing the life of Yamada family. They are nit connected, which might make the movie too long, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. There is no deeper meaning or hard-to-watch scenes, it is only a simple funny and relaxing family comedy.

Staying on the topic of japanese shows, I have something to say about Terrace House. I have noticed that the commenting part of the show is getting longer and longer. This series, filmed in Hawaii gets really awful towards the end and I guess by extending the commenting they are trying to save the show. And they do it. The only reason I keep watching the show is because the commentators are amazing. They are funny and they have great chemistry between them. The fact they keep this part long means I am not the only one with this opinion.



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