day 287

I spent the whole day at home. I wanted to go to the river in the afternoon, but it started raining the moment I started getting ready.

But that does not mean I was bored. I spent the morning preparing lunch and baking a pie. Lunch took quite some time, as I was making things that take a while to make. French salad (as it is called in my country; it is made of cooked potatoes and carrots sliced in small cubes, peas, hard boiled eggs and pickles, all being connected together with mayonnaise) and a kind of baked chicken. First, you soak the chicken in yoghurt and then cover it in cracker crumbs (leave some larger pieces of crackers; you can add spices or sesame seeds as well). We invented this chicken recipe because we wanted fried chicken, but not fried. So instead of frying it in oil and covering it in flour/egg/bread crumbs we decided to bake it and use yoghurt and crackers. Cooking kept me busy until lunch and finishing the pie for a while after lunch.

As I have said in the beginning, rain ruined my afternoon plans so I just stayed at home.



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