day 288 and 289

I went swimming, as I always do, but this time my swimming googles decided to leak. They are old, I think I have had them for close to ten years, although they have not been in use for a while. During this time, the seal became loose and when I started swimming, in May, I noticed they would leak, but never too much and I just had to re-adjust them. On monday however, the seal completely failed and I could not fix it. I did some swimming, but not much.

So I went to buy new swimming googles. I got them and tested them yesterday. They work.

A friend texted me, asking if I wanted to go to the river. And so the three of us went swimming to the river. One friend is not used to cold water (around 15°C) and it took some persuading until he finally jumped it. We got hungry and went to my brother’s place to eat. The two of them were there for the first time, but they liked the food. We talked a lot and only left at eleven, when the shop closed.

It was nice hanging out. I have not done anything like this in a while and I really enjoyed it. The only problem I have is that we only talked about trivial stuff. Nothing serious or interesting. But I was still happy to go out.



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