day 291

It was my grandma’s birthday yesterday. After lunch I went swimming and then went to visit her. She is 81 now. She made a dessert (not a cake, but a cooked dough with walnut filing – a common ”old” dessert in my country – and strawberry sauce to pour over) for visitors and prepared some other food as well. My parents and my cousin’s family came (her, her husband and daughter) too. There is such a big age difference between my cousin and myself that my cousin’s daughter is only a year younger than me. She is really good at golf and will be going to USA to university (on a sport scholarship) in a couple of weeks.

I was there for a while even though I would prefer being alone there. I do not like it when other people are at my grandma’s when I am there because I am not close to any of them and it is just awkward. Instead of talking I start solving crossword puzzles which might seem rude. But I have nothing to talk about with my wide family and to be honest, I do not actually want to talk to them either.



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