2 Chronicles 32:20, Pray

The instinct of many when faced with a crisis is to either panic (and run away), or pushback (and fight). But King Hezekiah did something else entirely different (when the Assyrian army was ready to invade Jerusalem): he prayed. He met the challenge head on in a sense, but then kneeled and sought divine help. Considering his position (as ruler over a distraught, and afraid, kingdom) this is nothing short of incredible. Hezekiah surrendered himself to the Lord, and he determined to not go the way of man. Hezekiah had tried the way of man before and failed. But this time he resigned himself to submission and petition. And his action is a model to follow for believers today. When crisis meets us, and it surely will, don’t panic or pushback. Instead, pray.

2 Chronicles 32:20 “King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz cried out in prayer to heaven about this.” (NIV)

Kevin Orr (7/21/2019)

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