day 294 and 295

Sunday morning we went to play volleyball. It was more successful then the other day because it was morning and only the occasional dog-walkers were going by. I baked a cheesecake in the afternoon. We had it yesterday after lunch and I think I did well. Maybe the texture could have been creamier but I was afraid it would not harden in the oven and used a bit more flour just in case, which made it just a little to hard. But it still was a success.

I watched Giant Little Ones. I am a sucker for coming-of-age movies, but have not found a good one in a while. This one is pretty decent, although I was a bit confused about the ending. SPOILER: We find out a guy is not a very good friend – he has been avoiding responsibility and shifted blame on his friend, but for some reason this friend ends up making up with him as if nothing has happened. I just do not understand why you would want to remain friends with this kind if person. END OF SPOILER. I guess I like coming of age movies because I am around the age of the characters and I can relate to them? But the thing is I rarely do relate to them, because they usually have friends and actually do things, while I barely have any friends and never do anything. If you have any coming of age movies/shows to recommend please do, because it seems like I have run out of them.

Do you have problems with Goodnight Journal website too? Lately I have been noticing the site take ages to load, and it sometimes glitches, not saving what I have written and I have to write the whole entry again. And yesterday the site would not load at all – that is why I have not posted yesterday.



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