Jul 23 tues

Woke 5am, couldn’t go back to sleep. Sport Bra was kind of sideways. Feet and hands, wrists and ankles painful. Back of neck painful down to lower back. 

I touched my nose and eyes, they feel numb, I can’t feel my hand on them. I woke feeling like I have a cold. I can barely smell anything, no nasal drip, no phlem like a cold. My head and ears feel full. 5.49 my head’s beginning to ache badly. I believe he did strike me in the head. Neck is beginning to hurt. 

My directional hearing is off, I’m hearing birds chirping and only know they’re in the trees but can’t tell which one. 

Beginning to cough a little, very hard phlem again. I’m hydrated, do not have a sinus infection. 

Nose and eyes beginning to ache @7.21, bringing tears the pain is so intense. It feels like it’s behind my nose too. Feet, hands, ankles and wrists are swollen. Knees giving out, rt is more swollen but both are swelled. 

Garlic oil on crucifix. 

Haven’t seen green drive by, if he did it was in a different vehicle, haven’t seen him in a few days. 

Heard some noises earlier today, napped after I showered and don’t know if he came in then. Didn’t hear anything. 

Noticed back storm door is more bent than before. That door was in excellent shape when I moved here. Anyway, it’s no longer flush to the frame. Few days ago it wasn’t flush at the bottom, now it’s not meeting the frame from bottom to a few inches from the handle and it’s pulled away more. Idk if he got in that way last night. There’s a board under the steel door handle to hopefully prevent him from getting inside. Both roomie and I were very tired and went to sound sleep, unusual for roomie to sleep almost all night. He woke only once. I’ve been falling right out too, greens not been giving me drug to keep me active at night. He doesn’t want me to hear him coming in I think, as I may figure out how he’s doing it. 

My roomie believes he’s coming after me, trying to cripple me because I’m too independent. I related a conversation we had before, green asked me if I get lonely, don’t I want to be with someone; I said no, I don’t even want to date anyone. I’m happy by myself. He turned his head, he was angry. He didn’t like my answer! So we both concluded, roomie and I, this must be why he’s so adamant on attacking me every night. He wants me to be dependent on someone and if making it so I am in some sort of institution, he feels he has won. The ra is getting worse. I must go to Drs and get another panel done hopefully it’s still clear and will prove something’s happening to me. 

Shirt I’m wearing has bleach stains that look like gang symbol faces and hearts. 

Look hard for the gang face. I’m trained to see it. Also there’s 2 hearts, one very small and another larger and not as heart looking. There’s other marks all around this shirt but I’m not taking more pictures. If anyone ever needs evidence it’ll be here.

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