day 296

I went to the river after lunch. I go there to read. It is nice and calm and when I get hot I can cool down in the river.

Do you listen to radio? I can not stand radios. Firstly, I do not like the music they play and secondly there are more ads than actual content. There is only one radio station I can bare t listen to (a rock station), but even that only as background music when everyone is at home doing whatever. I only listen to the radio when I am in the car with my parents. They do not care all that much what they listen to, they just like some background noise. It is either radio or the two different CDs they play in the car. I never say anything, but it is a struggle driving with them, especially on long distances. When I drive alone in my brother’s car I can use an aux cord and listen to music I like. I have done some drives alone with music and I have really enjoyed them.


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